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Welcome To Richter

Richter: The Rotting City introduces dewy-eyed adventurers to Richter: an elderly, seaside metropolis, rotting morally & physically as it is slowly swallowed by the marsh.

The cause of The Rot is a debate for philosophers - both natural and metaphysical - but its effects are both pernicious and dramatic. It is a monstrous transformation. It takes the worst of the city and corrupts it further. It consumes whole neighborhoods, making them unfit for habitation. On the plus-side, plenty of treasure and unusual resources are left behind in these ruined locations, ripe for the taking by those daring and desperate enough to try.

The Rot also twists the plants and animals of Richter, spawning horrid beasts that prey on the unwary. These nightmares must be destroyed to ensure the safety of ordinary folk, but they are also sources of unique substances that occultists, diabolists, and alchemists will pay considerable coin to experiment with.

What's in the Zine?

Richter: The Rotting City is a system-agnostic setting book that establishes Richter inside the world of Kalduhr from Jesse Ross' Trophy, adding new history and horrors to an already doom-filled land. Within the 64 pages, you will find:

  • Welcome to Richter. What life is like for the residents of the city, including: travel along its network of canals (spoiler: giant eels), weather, food, and opportunities for the indulgence of vice. It also introduces manifestations of The Rot, the mysterious force that twists, warps and poisons life in Richter. 
  • Powers. 15 different factions that can serve as patrons, friends, and foes to the treasure-hunters at your tables. Each faction consists of a description, a list of important people and locations, and their relationships with other factions. 
  • Places. 7 different neighborhoods, each with key locations, notable NPCs, rumors, and places lost to The Rot.
  • Creatures of the Rot. 11 horrifying manifestations of The Rot.
  • Adventuring in the Rotting City. Suggestions for GMs on how to use Richter in their own campaigns, in their preferred game systems. 
  • Illustrations bring the city to life in all its festering splendor.

Currently in Preview!

There are some elements of the book that are not completed - notably, a few pieces of art and the introductory adventure. When they are completed, this file will be replaced with the final version.

Available in Print Soon(ish)

Richter: The Rotting City will be printed and available for sale. When we are ready to open orders for those, anyone who has already purchased the PDF will receive information and a coupon code to pre-order the print version with the PDF price as a discount.

Community Copies

This game features a community copies model. There are a pool of copies of the PDF that can be claimed, for free, by people experiencing hardship and in marginalized communities. Every full-price purchase increases that pool by 1. That pool will be listed after the Kickstarter book fulfillment is complete.

Updated 19 days ago
StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
AuthorEmber and Ash
Tagsbestleftburied, dnd, nsr, osr, sworddream, trophy, ttrpg
Average sessionA few hours


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