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We love our games, and we love our cats. But does your kitty wish to join you in your TTRPG adventure?

This little zine explores ways to integrate your feline friend into your ttrpg experience, through tables and probably mistaken interpretation of cat behavior.

Does your cat roll your dice, lie on your gaming board, thwack your minis with their tail, or yell at you while you’re trying to roleplay? You may be ignoring a powerful ally!

Cats are a sweet and spicy part of our lives, so why not invite them into the TTRPG space? Sure they don’t have thumbs and might struggle with the concept of reading, but we all have our barriers to entry. It’s important that our tables be welcome spaces not just for the people in our lives, but for the cats who claim us. Included herein are a selection of cat playstyles, with recommendations on how to integrate your cat into the play experience, no matter the game at hand.

A short selection of kitten playstyles

  • Dice Rollers — the cats that hunt your d20s, knock your pencils off the table, and generally attempt to interject themselves into gameplay!
  • Secret DMs — cats who watch and judge, telepathically controlling outcomes, and empathically influencing player experience.
  • Dreamers — cats that, via the wanderealms, join you in your tabletop journeys and battles, beside or against you.
  • Critics — the cats who clearly have been observing your decisions and have important contributions to share, despite language barriers.

12 pages, (mostly) black & white, many cats.

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