Playtest Release 20200510

First Playtest Document Released!

While Isolation is still far from complete, the basic rules are playable. There are still some holes to be plugged, particularly in adventure design, but you could probably just about run a pre-written module with the text as-is.

Included  rules:

  • character creation
  •  how-to-play - risk/observation/combat rolls
  • basic downtime
  • basic ship-to-ship combat

Next Steps:

  • refine opponent "difficulty" to be more versatile
  • expand Gear
  • more character creation options
  • describe adventure flow and observation lists
  • detail ship modules and benefits
  • reputation system with corps
  • contacts


Isolation by Natalie Ash - Playtest 20200510.pdf 157 kB
25 days ago

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